TRAVELLING Voici la nuit tombee

by Mellow Records MMP390



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1973 - Mellow Records reissue: 2001

TRAVELLING were a trio from France who released
only one album(1973).
The organ and piano dominates their sound that is
without question Canterbury flavoured. SOFT MACHINE
had to be an influence on these guys as the vocal style
and fuzz organ certainly bring them to mind.
This band does have it's own sound though and I love it.
The side long opening track is one of the best songs that
I've heard in a while. What a pleasure to listen to.
Pure joy indeed.
"Voici La Nuit Tombee" is an 18 minute ride that I have
taken over and over again this past week. It opens with
cymbals and bass before the organ quickly joins the fray,
and it sounds fantastic.
A full sound before a minute that includes piano, fuzz organ,
bass and drums.
Organ and piano then create a piece of heaven before
the vocals come in.
The light drums, organ and vocals are other worldly.
Did I mention I love this song ? Piano joins in.
Vocals stop as fuzz organ returns.
I could listen to this all day.
Vocals are back after 6 minutes.
The fuzz organ comes and goes.
The piano takes the lead with bass and light drums
8 minutes in.
his section is very jazzy.
A spacey, experimental, eerie passage arrives before
10 1/2 minutes that changes 2 minutes later as an
uptempo organ, light drums and bass melody arrives.
Fuzz organ after 14 minutes.
A change a minute later as piano again takes the lead.
Vocals are back 17 minutes in. Amazing song !
"Flamenco" features more bass, drums and piano.
The vocal melodies a minute in are outstanding
and a nice touch.
Perhaps a nod to Mr.Wyatt.
Some fuzz bass after that with organ.
Piano starts to take over.
This song blends into the next one "Passo".
The uptempo piano melodies continue but bass and
drums help out here.
This song then blends into "Soleil" as piano melodies
continue to dominate.
Before 2 minutes we get some fuzz organ joining the
piano melodies.
"Tout Compte Fait" opens with slower paced piano as
the organ provides a nice background.
This song blends into the final track "Shema".
This sounds better than the previous song because
bass, light drums and vocal melodies are added.

This is another French band that has impressed me
to pieces.
I had heard about them on the ProgEars site and am
so thankful I did.
A must have for Jazz and Canterbury fans.

Review by Mellotron Storm


released April 12, 2001

YVES HASSELMANN: piano, orgue Hammond, vocal



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