THE THIRD ESTATE Years before the wine

by Mellow Records MMP309



1976 - Mellow Records reissue: 1998

This is one of the most treasured albums of 1976.
The unadulterated purity of seventies progressive
rock runs like a clear mountain brook through
these songs.

The credits say the record was produced at
Capital City Sound Studios in Baton Rouge,
Louisiana in 1976.

The basic premise of the album is supposed
to be a reflection on the French Revolution of 1789.
The influence of French Cajuns down there in the
Louisiana bijou might have played a part.

The first side of the vinyl album is distinctly different
lyrically than the back side.
The opening track sets the stage in 18th century France,
but the remaining three songs are reflective and speak of introspection and despair and sorrow from what seems
to be a first-person point of view.
The back side of the album on the other hand contains
four tunes that detail the progression of events in 1789
that led to the storming of the Bastille, killing of Louis XVI
and Marie Antoinette as well as the dispensing of their
daughter and imprisonment of Louis XVII, although the
sequence of events in Everett’s lyrics seem a bit
muddled when compared to the actual historical record.
A bit of creative license no doubt.

Everett plays guitar throughout, as does Harrell, with
Everett also providing bass tracks and Jerry Lang
playing drums on most of the songs.
Everett has a distinctive style of playing and is steeped
in the mid-seventies.
Very relaxing music to listen to.

This is a really seductive album that loses much in rather
sterile description of the various tracks.
It really has to be taken as a contiguous piece of work and
listened to in it’s entirety to truly appreciate.
These are the albums that true progressive music fans live
for – ones that are like gems buried beneath granite rocks
just waiting to enrich our lives when we discover them.

If you are a fan of progressive music you will almost surely
find this one to be a very welcome and often-played addition
to your collection.
Thanks to Mellow Records for bringing it back to life on cd
after all these years.


released June 14, 1998


Robert Everett
6-string electric guitars, 6-string acoustic guitars, bass,
wind chimes, piano, organ, maracas, feedback & effects, vocals

Chas Harrell
12-string acoustic guitars, 6-string electric guitars,
saws & hammers, vocals

Jerry Lang
drums, guiro, bells, claves

Fae Ficklin
vocals (1)



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