THE FAR SIDE Parallelebiped

by Mellow Records MMP434



Each of the first four tracks on the album features quite an
intricate music where the band's own and highly original
ideas met those influenced by Rush (in the first half of the
1980s) and Fates Warning (on "Perfect Symmetry", etc).
So, while listening to tracks, located on the first half of
the CD, I was almost sure that "Parallelebiped" is an album
of a unified stylistics that can be defined either as a heavy
Art-Rock or a soft Prog-Metal.
On "Gaze Deep" (5) however, the band has unexpectedly
and quite radically changed the musical direction.
The only instrumental on the album and both of the
following tracks, "Fading Warmth" and "The Hug of the Few"
(6 & 7), are free of any influences, and stylistically, they're
about a pure Symphonic Art-Rock, which is both complex
and interesting, as well as the album as a whole, though.
The lush passages and bright solos of synthesizers,
varied interplay between them and the fluid solos of
electric guitar, the parts of bass, drums, and those of
acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars are typical for all them.
The excellent piano passages are present on "Fading Warmth".
Only "Strange Attractors", which is the last track on it,
determined the predominant stylistics of this
parallellybiped musical entity.


released February 24, 2002

All music: by Montrucchio, except 4: by Fasanelli.
All lyrics: by Montrucchio & Fasanelli.
All arrangements by The Far Side.


Simone Montrucchio - vocals; basses; keyboards, programming
Lorenzo Fasanelli - guitars; backing vocals
Davide Guidoni - drums & percussion



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