TAPROBAN Outside nowhere

by Mellow Records MMP461



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What a pity that the opener only lasts for seventy five seconds.
It is a jewel of a symphonic intro.
"Outside Nowhere" opens on a "Bolero" type of mood and
is a strong combination with spacey and tranquil passages
(Floyd), some dynamic and strong synth ("Marillion) which
lasts for just
over nineteen minutes of the most elegant music.
The whole sensibility of the Italian symphonic genre is held in
the short and acoustic "Broken Shell". Sung in English it is a
so sweet and melodic part.
The mood is different during "Il Difficile Equilibrio Tra Sorgenti D'Energia".
A bombastic demonstration of ultra gifted keyboards play
combined with a fantastic bass line. If I add that the
drumming is on par, I guess that the same reference will
come to your mind.
"ELP" of course.
How pleasant is it to be brought in this wonderful world but
played by a modern band!
The last section is absolutely wonderful.
This time vocals are in Italian.
So poignant and backed up by fantastic and symphonic keys.
One of best track from the album.
The band remains in the ELP-ish territories with
"Ves Ml' Tahghach" which is another great orgy of
mighty synthesizers.
"Pieces Left Behind" is a melancholic track just perturbed
in the middle part with a short instrumental break.
After a short instrumental "In The Deep", this CD closes on
the ambient and rather convincing "Nexus".
Again, the Italian vocals are excellent.


released April 17, 2004


- Gianluca De Rossi: keyboards, vocals
- Guglielmo Mariotti: bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
- Davide Guidoni: percussion

guest musician:
- Alessandro Papotto: saxophone



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