SNC Assalto alle nuvole

by Mellow Records MMP152



SNC were completely a different project from
La Compagnia Digitale, as for their soundscape
and formation (the members written upon the
album sleeve by SNC should be different from
the ones of La Compagnia Digitale, just kidding though).

SNC were considered as an offshoot (or the same one)
of La Compagnia Digitale, founded by Ciro Perrino
who had played drums in Celeste.
Although they had not launched any official release
during their lifetime, Mellow Records collected and
arranged their live material and released as their
posthumous album in 1994.

The first impression for SNC's album
"Assalto alle Nuvole" was that they
might be a pure Rock Progressivo Italiano
(abbreviated to RPI) project seasoned with
slight psychedelic spice (not typical RPI but
the titled track is the closest to purified RPI methinks).

Actually the first track "Chanson pour Nora"
consists of wonderful dreamy melodies based
upon flexible Italian chorus, voices and a guitar solo,
just as a beautiful but fragile RPI stream like
Celeste meets old-fashioned psychedelic rock in late 60s.

The wind of sound has shifted, "Avez vous jamais vu?"
or "Dedicato ad una foglia" features delightful familial
voices & chorus, invaded by warped guitar sounds
and spacey electronic chops like La Compagnia Digitale
(we can barely feel something of them here ...
the latter one reminds something of a Japanese
psychedelic pioneer like Apryl Fool).

The third track "Nel giardino dei ghiri" slightly leans
toward Oriental tribal percussion splashes,
a very interesting one.

The last "Controllocchio" should not completely
have RPI vein, nor pure psychedelic let me say.
Namely, the song can be considered as a long
experimental / loose jamming one, unlimitedly
close to Krautrock.
Yes La Compagnia Digitale had some Kraut-ish
flavour, and SNC could be a successor of such
a mysterious flavour in this one.
However, the latter part of "Controllocchio" gets mellow,
dreamy, delightful universe, tinged with RPI essence.

This is the very reason we can see the boundaries
among psychedelic progressive, Krautrock, and RPI.

Quite interesting collection of their live recordings,
please enjoy this magical tour.


released May 13, 1994

Recorded live in Bordighera (IM),
Palazzo del Parco, 15/09/1977

Monsieur de Mirvel
keyboards, synthesizer, percussions, vocals

Monsieur de Courval
acoustic & electric guitars, vocals

Monsieur de Mistival
electric piano, percussions, vocals



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