NOTTURNO CONCERTANTE Riscrivere il passato

by Mellow Records MMP417

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Eight years after the marvelous "The glass tear", this Italian band returned to the symphonic rock scene with a much clearer and richer sound, a couple of splendid new tracks, and radical reworkings of some older ones (hence the album title - "Rewriting the past"). The new songs deviate considerably from the style celebrated on the previous albums, being much more diverse and adventurous. The songs from earlier albums are revised in such a fundamental manner that it's sometimes hard to recognize them. Especially the exceptional ballad "So many things I would have done", one of the highlights on "The glass tear", really stands out with its new opulent arrangement. Favorite track: If the winter had its spirit.
Jean-François Cousin
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Jean-François Cousin This album has a jazzy / world music feel to it. A welcome change in my collection. Favorite track: Erewhon.


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Few albums have surprised as deeply as "Riscrivere il Passato",
this 2002 offering from Notturno Concertante, a gifted two man partnership between guitarist/keyboardist Lucio Lazzaruolo and
guitarist Raffaele Villanova.
"Giga" is undoubtedly a fine opening, giving a plaintive violin
the opportunity to introduce a playful flute adventure that veers,
winds and dances in all directions in a fast-paced folk direction
with a slight Oldfield touch and totally enjoyable.
"Io Ti Amo" is a vocal masterpiece with a massive melody
adorned with thick orchestrations that seeks to highlight the
passion of the "I love you" message, complete with a surprising
but slick "vaffanculo" at the end.
"Six of the Best" is a haunting homage to Genesis that copies
or borrows nothing from the famed group, choosing a more contemporary delivery, complete with great drumming, swirling
keys, chugging guitars and loads of dramatic vocal effects.
"Electric Rain" is another stellar instrumental endeavor with cello, violins and acoustic guitars combining to create a deep
melancholia with ingenious splashing percussive effects,
the mood brief and concise, deeply evocative.
"So Many Things" is another sparkling jewel, ornate piano
entwined with lush pastoral acoustic guitar picking, brooding
cellos in the backyard and a shimmering melody that aches for
your attention, not too far from a more polished Anthony Phillips. Another highlight is "Flood of Tears" providing another window
of musical wonder and amazement with solid drums ushering
in walls of shattering electric rhythm guitar, choir voices in the distance, epic and grandiose as if for some cinematographic venture. This pleasant disc deserves being in any collection because of its unpretentious beauty, the pristine sound and the layers of creative intensity that can only befuddle and seduce the unsuspecting fan.


released June 16, 2002

Line up:

Lucio Lazzaruolo: piano, synths, classical guitar
Raffaele Villanova: acoustic guitar, bass, voice

Sabrina Caprarella: voice
Caterina D'Amore: flute, octavin
Graziano Mossuto: accordion, bandoneon
Raffaele Tiseo: electric and acoustic violin
Paolo Picone: drums and percussion
Enrico Riccio: electric guitar
Geppino Borriello: guitar on "Luce della notte"
Renato Colantuoni: double bass on "Per / Versi"



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