NOSTALGIA Welcome to Edo's land

by Mellow Records MMP318



Welcome to Edo's Land" is lovingly dedicated to Edoardo Anfossi,
a friend and fellow musician.
Reading their loving words to him it is obvious that all of us who
have lost close friends too soon are going to be able to relate to
the sentiments.
But the album is not completely about Edo despite the title.
Many serious topics are addressed in the lyrics which are good.
The band is fronted by two friends Massimo Mazzeo and Andrea Romano, multi-instrumentalists who go all the way back to high school.
Daniela Blundo is the vocalist and there are two guest musicians.
The lyrics in this set deal with soul-searching (I'm a Dreamer), troublesome friendships (Double), staying close to your children (Never Alone), and the brotherhood of good people who refuse to
turn their backs on the new lepers of our society, the poor
(The Good Guys.) In "Never Alone" they say that children, given the choice of having their father in the next room under dire circumstances, or far away but content, will choose the first option. They don't care about your wallet or your status, they just want you, here and now.
"Welcome" begins with sound effects as someone presumably comes home and fires up a cig before picking up the acoustic.
Bass and keyboards join a rather unnerving melody.
"I'm a Dreamer" is a more conventional pop song but a real
charmer with delightful melody and impressive guitar work.
There are many different sections of music and all are interesting, along with shared vocals. One of the standout tracks for sure. "Double" features Maurizio Falcone in the first of three acoustic
duets with Massimo.
"The Remains of the Night" is a good instrumental with guitar over some very nice keyboard textures by Andrea Romano.
Romano really shines here as an amazingly accomplished
guitarist with some killer soloing.
"Mare D'inverno" is written by Paolo Sommariva and shines to ears because they sing this one track in Italian and it's very beautiful.
This one is again accompanied by duel acoustics, mellow and very relaxing.
"The Fault is Mine" features a guest vocalist performance by Stephanie Bejma.
"Beyond the Fog" is the third of the dueling acoustic tracks and very nice albeit short.
'The Good Guys" features Daniela Blundo on lead vocals in a rather quirky pop song with pleasant bass and guitar accents throughout. "Never Alone" is an introspective ode to parenting with vocals by Daniela and Massimo and relatively uneventful music.
"The New Day" closes the album with another instrumental this
time written by Romano. It is upbeat and inspired.
They then tack on a couple of Camel covers at the end,
"Drafted" and "Camelogue."
When searching the haystack of lesser known, smaller groups
from around the world, we must realize that we can't compare every local/regional band to Floyd and DT.
Many of these people probably aren't full time musicians but
working people who have sacrificed much to have a chance at recording an album, doing something they love without profiting much.
I'm not saying we shouldn't judge them fairly but just that one has
to keep in mind that Chris Squire can spend 24 hours a day in his home studio working on his stuff.
He also has an unlimited production budget comparatively.
Bands like Nostalgia and others don't have the same luxury.
They've done a damn fine job anyway. Take the time to find their music and give it a fair chance.
[Progarchives review]

"In touching the strings of his guitars I tried to build a bridge to the Edo's land. Ciao Edo, ciao my friend.
My memories of you I'll treasure them in my heart."
[Massimo Mazzeo]


released May 19, 1997


Massimo MAZZEO: lead & backing vocals, 6&12 strings acoustic guitars, rhythm & "arpeggio" electric guitars, tabla, percussion, programming.

Andrea ROMANO: lead electric guitar, fretless, keyboards, acoustic guitar in "Drafted", backing vocals in "Camelogue", programming.

Daniela BLUNDO: lead & backing vocals.

additional musicians:
Maurizio FALCONE: acoustic guitar duets with Massimo in "Double". "Mare d'inverno", "Beyond the fog".

Stephania BEJMA: lead vocal in "The fault is mine"

Paolo SOMMARIVA: backing vocals in "Mare d'inverno".

All songs written by MASSIMO MAZZEO
"Mare d'inverno" by PAOLO SOMMARIVA
"The new day" by ANDREA ROMANO


NOSTALGIA "Never too late" 1993

NOSTALGIA "Is your spirit free?" 1994

NOSTALGIA "The best and more..." (2CD) 2016
with 17 unreleased tracks,
including demos, alternative and acoustic versions



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