NOSTALGIA Is your spirit free?

by Mellow Records MMP248



While progressive rock is not the chart force it was 30+ years ago,
one could argue that it is an even more successful style today
than back then, on the basis of the number of artists plying the craft.
In this environment, one of the challenges facing a band is that of defining their own sound, which becomes even more daunting
when one considers the relatively paucity of common ancestors
for the genre.
In NOSTALGIA's case, their origins lie in unabashed CAMEL
worship, yet they have somehow forged a unique style at the
crossroads of the aforementioned veterans, the introspection
of DAVID SYLVIAN, and myriad acts in the new age and folk constellations.
CAMEL meets folk rock somewhere in the middle of the 70s,
not a bad idea even in the mid 90s. NOSTALGIA by this time
had been progressing from a professional perspective.
From a prog perspective, the group seems to have blown
its budget on the compelling opening quasi-title suite, which
includes the only authentic percussion, flutes, many shifts of
mood within an ethereal framework, and some JADE WARRIOR styled languid guitars.
"Nothing we can't say, nothing we can't do" epitomizes this
aspect of the group, as does "Only between people".
The blending of male and female vocals is done in a charmingly ethereal that works.
"Fragments" channels both Andy Latimer and Steve Hackett and shows that the band could go the instrumental route comfortably, even without percussion, while in other tracks the lack of real
drums is compensated for by what sounds like luscious fretless bass.


released October 13, 1994


Massimo MAZZEO: 6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars, rhythm electric guitar in "My Spirit is Free", synthesizer in "Nebulous Bright", vocals and backing vocals, programming.

Andrea ROMANO: lead electric guitar, guitar synth, fretless, keyboards,
backing vocals in "Silver Coin", electronic drums in "Shiver", programming.

Stephania BEJMA: vocals and backing vocals

Marzio MAROSSA: acoustic drums and percussion in "My Spirit is Free".


NOSTALGIA "Never too late" 1993

NOSTALGIA "Welcome to Edo's land" 1997

NOSTALGIA "The best and more..." (2CD) 2016
with 17 unreleased tracks,
including demos, alternative and acoustic versions



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