MOOGG Le ore i giorni gli anni

by Mellow Records MMP510



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2016 MOOGG Italian Luxury Style

In 2003 Mark Dolfini (Profono Porpora, Papa Jack Band, Avanzi di Balera, jazz) and Penny Rampulla (The Lollards) are engaged in "la Buona Novella" of Fabrizio De André rearranged by Toni Gafforini for the company he founded in 2001 , La Nuvola, when Rampulla is proposed participation in the Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto, at the Tent of migrants, with a combo that proposes soft sounds.
The three devise a repertoire linked to jazz to progressive rock and 70s (Weather Report, Perigee, Soft Machine, PFM ...) as well as their own songs, play and perform on August 21 with the name Moog synthesizer in homage to the symbol of those years.
The good response obtained encourages learning to stay the course, becoming in 2004 as a quartet with the addition of guitarist Ivan Vanoglio (Blow Job, Oz, Mass Mind Rape, Plastic Moon) and Mark also invested the role of singer, and then play in different contexts in the province of Brescia, including regular participation in subsequent editions of the Festival of Radio Shockwave.
In 2006, the group decides to change its name to Moogg, just to create confusion (especially the Internet) with the producer of the famous and mythological synthesizers, whose evocative aura as well, as said, referring ...
In 2007 the group released his first self-titled demo, which gets good reviews and feedback in the audience.
In the summer of 2009, Penny decides to leave the group, the decision as unexpected as destabilizing captures the band at first unprepared, but after an understandable reaction to the initial confusion was not long in coming. The autumn-winter 2009/2010 is passed between research and hearings from the impression of potential prog bassists and jazz / rock. In the end perseverance is rewarded and enters in the band Gianluca Avanzati (Trieb, I Pronunciato I, Transmission, Lithos, Notabene).
The sound Moogg born today by the main trends of inspiring its entirety or, in general, jazz, progressive rock, psychedelia, rock, all on the common ground of love for the sounds of the '70s.
The group is called progressive jazz, so far, alongside structured, vocal sections, improvisations abound instrumental sounds filtered through the battery funky jazz, Les Paul guitar, electric piano and synth a la Moog, Fender Jazz bass solo by vocation.
In proposing to the eponymous, it is obligatory the reference to formations such as the Perigee and the area, the so-called School of Canterbury (Soft Machine, Caravan, Matching Mole, Hatfield & the North) and the jazz-rock (Return to Forever, Weather Report , Head Hunters, Billy Cobham ...), all hope is not certain to match these superstars, but rather to convey, with respect to them, something personal.
In 2011 the band take contact with the famous progressive Label Mellow records and start a new adventure with its first full length album.


released November 24, 2011


- Gianluca Avanzati / bass
- Marco Dolfini / drums, percussion, vocals
- Toni Gafforini / electric piano, synths, mellotron
- Ivan Vanoglio / guitars & “vib”



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