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Mascarada officially appears January 3, 1988, as a result of
the joining of three musicians: Juan Mares (keyboards,
drums and guitars), Daniel Mares (vocals, percussion and
guitars) and Pedro Cordoba (bass, vocals and guitars).
Daniel and Juan were members of Llewellyn and later
of Galadriel (not the current group Galadriel), while Pedro
had ample experience as a session musician and former
player with several Rock and Pop bands.

After a search period and some changes, the band
becomes stable in June 1988 with the following musicians:
Pedro Cordoba (Bass, guitars and vocals), Daniel Mares
(vocals, guitars, percussions), Juan Mares (Keyboards,
flute, percussions, guitars, vocals), Carlos Mostoles (Guitars)
and Carmelo Sancho (Drums, percussions) and had their
official presentation in September 1988. However, by January
1989, there are several problems within the members of the
First Carmelo Sancho and then Pedro Cordoba left.
The search for new substitutes was prolonged until
February 1990 with the band being : Francisco Javier
Fran Garcia (Drums, percussions), Vicente Guillen
(Bass), Daniel Mares ( Vocals, guitars, percussions),
Juan Mares (Keyboards, flute, percussions, vocals)
and Carlos Mostoles (guitars).
Fran and Vicente came from a short-lived Spanish
progressive group called Andromeda between 1985
and 1987.
With this new formation, they release their first official
material: Restos del amanecer (Dawn's leftovers)
distributed by mail and accepted very well by the critic
and public in general. In the early 1991 while they are
about to record their first album, again musical
differences lead to another rupture of the group.:
Personal problems within the members lead to
Carlos Mostoles leaving Mascarada in January.
Later on, Fran and Vicente left the group since they
wanted a more commercial flavor in Mascarada's
music in order to attain a hypothetical commercial
success, while Daniel and Juan did not want to
surrender and they wanted to continue to make
music with no restrictions and external interventions.

Thus after careful consideration, Daniel and Juan,
made the decision to continue working under the
name Mascarada since they were 90% of the creative
work and because they believed in what Mascarada
had to offer.
At the same time, they decided not to include more
musicians, in part because of the prior bad experiences
but also because they wanted to prove themselves
capable of doing all the work.
So in the summer of 1991 a new Mascarada was
born where Daniel takes over the bass, guitars,
percussions and vocals while Juan takes charge
of the keyboards, wind instruments, percussions
and backing vocals.
Most of the rhythms are made through sequencers
and/or played directly through the keyboard (thanks to
a percussive module).

They had three objectives in mind: 1-Create music as
if they were a 5-6 member band, but with the flexibility
and freedom that now they had.
2- They tried to go back to the place that progressive
rock had in the mid 70's and from there find new ways
to express themselves.
3- Explore the musical and technical possibilities
they had.
In October 1991 they open their own recording studio
and by 1992 they release (on tape) their first work:
The Tower (and other strange places).
The Tower... was a production learning experience,
but in spite of this it received good reviews by the critics
and an excellent acceptance by the public.
In 1995 they release their second cassette, The World
Jones Made, again with excellent reviews.
By this time the production was carefully done and
the sound was cleaner than in The Tower....

Finally in 1997 their third tape is released: Urban Names
described as one of the best Spanish progressive works.
The response was so good that they received offers from
several labels to edit their work and finally the Italian label
MELLOW RECORDS signed them and released
URBAN NAMES on CD in 1998.


released March 15, 1998


Daniel Mares
bass, guitars, pedals, percussion, programming, vocals, effects

Juan Mares
keyboards, flute, whistles, percussion, synthesizer, programming, sequencing, backing vocals, effects



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