MARY NEWSLETTER L'attenzione debole

by Mellow Records MMP468



Mary Newsletter's fourth album is a fresh take on
the modern spacey prog rock album.
The true Italian spirit of adventure and humor
can be found in this eclectic mix of rock, psych,
pop, and electronica.
They list their influences as Pink Floyd, Radiohead,
and Quicksilver Messenger Service and their
guitar sound could be compared to Mark Knofler
at times though it is often not as clean sounding
as Dire Straits but with more of a spaced-out vibe.

"Integro" begins with bleepy samples, weird
sounding guitar and distorted wordless vocals.
Some frisky acoustic guitar joins in.
Then the band comes in heavily with good
bass and drums.
No one shows off too much but you can tell
they are good players.
Some normal vocals alternate with
the distorted ones.
The last minute features some weird squawking
noises to the jamming guitar.

"Il colpo e la croce" is my favorite track starting
with eerie noises to acoustic guitar.
A beautiful and haunting vocal starts soon after
that with absolutely perfect expressive space
guitar and bass creating a Djam Karet
style atmosphere.
There is an odd effect to the vocal that gives
a sense of helplessness to the subject.
Soft piano sprinkles, bird like noises,
and sparingly used percussion all add so much.
The Levin sounding bass playing carries the track
through some of the quieter moments.

"Peccato." comes charging out of the previous
song with an upbeat drum beat and some rock
guitar and heavy bass.
More odd vocals give the otherwise static song
a little edge.

"Illusione/delusione" is a jamming
instrumental workout.

"La pace" features both regular drumming and
hand percussion with wah-wah guitar
and good vocals.
More nice piano here and there.
The song structure breaks down in the middle
and has some open space with just jazzy cymbals
and loose guitar leads.

One of the stronger tracks. "Morte di un moderato"
is quite bizarre with a movie soundtrack feeling,
like from a strange 60s film.
Exotic instrumentation and a "No rules"
playing style of each man for himself.

"Step forward" is a strange song that begins
with an electronica styled programmed beat
with psych guitar in the background and
wistful vocals.
It slowly evolves into a good electric guitar solo
over nice slow rhythm before the fast
programmed beat returns at the end.

"Comin' into LA" may go down as the strangest
cover I've ever heard. It's an electronica version
of Arlo Guthrie's old "Coming into Los Angeles"
that could be played at a rave to a roomful of partiers.
It's a bit ridiculous to be sure but this album has
a sense of humor lost on lots of dry artists.

"Nothing but the net" is almost a mix of punk, surf,
and psych-pop.

"In fondo" like the previous track shows the wheels
coming off the wagon even further, in a good way,
as "normal rock" music blurs into a loose,
trippy rock chaos.

The Mellow issue comes with a lyric booklet
and nice artwork on the front and back covers.

Review by Finnforest


released January 14, 2015


Andrea Piccolini

Davide Pisi
electric & acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, insects, vibraphon

Marco Gusberti
keyboards, piano

Marco Olivotto
keyboards, piano, bass

Mario Valentino Bramè
vocals, drums, percussion, acoustic guitar

Massimo Necchi
bass, programming, laptop, e-bow, electric guitar

Gabriele Scarparo



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