MARCO CIARGO Poema sinfònico elèctrico

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Marco Ciargo was born to Italian parents in Caracas,
Venezuela on July 17, 1961.

Although it was his big brother who started with guitar lessons,
soon after also Marco developed a passion for the guitar and
asked his brother for lessons.

At first he learned to play classic guitar but soon his interest
changed more and more into music from rock groups like
"King Crimson", Led Zeppelin, Yes, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.
To sound more like the bands he came to admire, he even
turned his classic guitar into an electrical one by installing a
hi-fi microphone inside it.

At the age of fifteen his grandfather gave him his first real
electrical guitar and a little amplifier.
This turned out to be the beginning of an impressive
musical career.
With his first band Marco started to compose
his own themes.
His first performance on TV was in 1977, also with a self
composed instrumental theme. By the end of 1977 he
started a band with a friend and bass-player, joined by a
drummer and a vocalist with a repertory of his own themes
and those from Led Zeppelin.

In September 1978 he moved to Italy to study at the
University of Florence. Then in February 1979 at the age
of seventeen he traveled to Lion, France, to finally see
Queen on stage.
His stay in Europe greatly enhanced his musical aspirations.

When he returned to Venezuela in September 1979 he formed
a band with his old friend and continued his studies in Caracas Metropolitan University.
There he met Cesar Somoza and Ricardo Escobar and after
a long conversation about music they invited him to play in Resistencia.

Resistencia showed from their very first performances to have
all the potential to become a powerful band. They were original
and authentic and released three albums "Hecho en Venezuela" (1988), "Estrategias contra el movimiento" (1983) and
"Da Capo" (1984).

Marco also collaborated in the rock opera "Las Lanzas
coloradas", a novel from the Venezuelan writer Arturo Uslar
Pietri and in a song together with Simon Diaz, the most
important musician, composer and singer of the Venezuelan
popular music style.

In 1985 Marco and singer Cesar Somoza composed together
the fourth work of Resistencia, a rock opera named "Zodiaco",
which was not released because it was considered “not
commercial” according to the labels managers.

In 1987 Resistencia recorded its fifths work that would
unfortunately also stay unreleased.
That same year Marco left the band and started to work on
his own material.
Due to the bad socio-economical and political situation
Marco began to think about leaving for Europe again.
This being only encouraged by his wish to introduce his
music to a broader audience.
In July 1989 Resistencia gathered one last time for a
good-bye concert.

Resistencia was probably the best of all old Latin American
Metal bands, not to mention one of the first and most influential.

Finally in July 1989 Marco moved to Florence, Italy, together
with his wife his son.
The period that followed the move to Italy mainly focused on
family life, but Marco still visited concerts, played with different
bands and continued to work on his own compositions.

In 2003 the family established itself in Madrid in order to give
a new direction to theirs lives.
Marco continued to be an active composer and in 2007 he
released the first six minutes of the Poema Sinfónico
Eléctrico through his Myspace website.
Even though being very particular, the theme was received
with many positives reviews culminating two years later in a
work of orchestra, choir and electrical guitar music of 50
minutes of length in total.


released March 1, 2011



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