LOCANDA DELLE FATE Forse le lucciole non si amano più (with 2 bonus tracks​!​!​)

by Mellow Records 519389-2

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Oh well, Italia... a place on earth where a wealth of most stunning symphonic prog origins since the late 60's... until today... This terrific album escaped my attention for 40 years, although I was busy listening Italian prog already in the 70's! This is 100% music concentrate, without unnecessary lengths or silly fills. High time to add this gem to my collection. Favorite track: Forse le lucciole non si amano più.


this title is OUT OF STOCK !!!

Studio Album, released in 1977
Remastered in 1994 with two bonus tracks!!!

The album is a unique masterpiece, a sensation
of Prog-rock music that takes much inspiration
from Genesis and the Romantic-period.

The music proposed is a symphonic prog
with piano and keyboards in first place,
well supported by guitar and flute, continuous
changes of rhythm and melodies, and most of all,
a sweet romantic attitude, marked with a veil
of sadness, that costantly emerges along
the entirety of the tracklist.

Two bonus tracks on Mellow Records edition.

"New York" it opens quietly, gently, with nice
instrumentation below the voice of Vevy,
only to turn into a very great piece.

What really impresses me about this recording
is the attention that went into detail.
Themes are stated, developed, go through variations,
and resolved in such a majestic manner that it's
tough to compare LDF to other bands.

Leonardo Sasso, the singer, his voice is warm,
and at times close to operatic.
music doesn't get much better than this!


released May 2, 1994


Leonardo Sasso

Giorgio Gardino
drums, vibraphone

Luciano Boero
bass, hammond

Ezio Vevy
12-string, acoustic & electric guitars, voice, flute

Alberto Gaviglio
acoustic, electric, 12-string electric guitars, voice

Michele Conta
pianos, moog, clavinet, synths

Oscar Mazzoglio
hammond, piano, moog, synths



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