LA ZONA Le notti difficili

by Mellow Records MMP443



this title is OUT OF STOCK !!!

What an excellent improvement on Experimental / post rock,
a unique album that gathers heavy guitars and spacy
keyboards to a GYBE!
On acid ...

The music is very special, the best track by far is
"Il Sogno Della Scala" wich has this trumpet moddy final
after ending a wah wah guitar just mind blowing, impressive.

If you want Experimental Post Rock Orchestral get moody GYBE!

If you want more soft Post rock Mogwaii get, if you wanna get
a mix of Both Explosions in the sky, now if you want some
of that added with psychedelic get the area.

Thats all you need to know about this new wave of
Experimental / Post Rock thing that will definetely
mark this decade as the present genre of 2000's.

Review by OvergroundMusic


released May 4, 2003

Fabio Zuffanti: basses, effects
Stefano Marelli: guitars loops
Agostino Macor: synthesizers & mellotron
Marco Cavani: drums & percussion
Michele Nastasi: trumpet

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