LA SECONDA GENESI Tutto deve finire

by Mellow Records MMP188

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1972 - Mellow Records reissue: 1994

A short biography.....

This group from Rome has a history dating back to
the early 1960s when the first incarnation of
Paride De Carli and Pier Carlo Leoni were known as
The Happy Boys.
In the mid 60s they played for The Peppermint Group
before forming I Mhanas around 1969.
This group had the experience of becoming a cruise
ship band and they entertained people aboard the
Flavia Costa for a couple years in the Caribbean.
This was a really great learning experience because
they would often have to quickly learn new sets depending
on what port they were sailing to.
After a few years they returned to Italy and sensed the
change in the air around 1971.
Seconda Genesi formed around this time with Alberto Rocchetti coming from a band called Rokketti.
They rehearsed for several weeks in a church basement
before quickly recording "Tutto Deve Finire"
in just four sessions.

about this album.......

This particular brand of fusion is one that I find
extremely engaging. It's unlike anything you'd find in
Italy around the same time.
Whereas Arti e Mestieri, Etna and Perigeo all were
caught up in the melodic and symphonic aspects of
the Italian scene, La Seconda Genesi sound altogether
more wild and reckless.
You will be guided in between furious rampaging drums
and guitar lead hard rock pieces, only to wind up in a
classically inspired acoustic guitar interlude.
All of this happens without warning, but that is part of
what makes this album work so incredibly well.
This band is able to pull off something that is very difficult,
which is making chaos and harmony flow together as
one - yet without any natural build ups or bridges.
Come to think of it, this kind of music works much in
the same manner and under the same sort of premises
as Gentle Giant does.
It's music that successfully merges bits and pieces
of irregular sizes and shapes - creating a delightful
multicoloured cockentrice of sound.
If you can imagine a musical cyborg created by leftovers
from Premiata Forneria Marconi, Exmagma, Stormy Six
and Il Volo, then this one is for you matey!


released November 12, 1994

Alberto Rocchetti
keyboards, vocals

Gianbattista Bonavera
saxophone, flute

Nazzareno Spaccia

Paride De Carli

Pier Carlo Leoni

all tracks by Cassia, Lucchetti, Bonavera

arrangements by Paride De Carli



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