LA N​.​A​.​V​.​E. Le quattro stagioni

by Mellow Records MMP388



La N.A.V.E. (the initials for Nuova Avanguardia Voci Etniche)
were formed in 1989.

The album consists of four tracks, each representing a
season of the year, with the 20-min. opening ''Primavera''
highlighting the release.
A mix of keyboard-driven Progressive Rock and
Psych/Prog with huge retro influences, mainly based
on Enzo Muzi's keyboard work with the vintage organ
sounds dominating this effort.
There are also some trombones here and there to recall
something of MAXOPHONE along with a jamming
middle section,while the second part of the track is on
the mellow side of things with nice acoustic guitars
and romantic piano.
Vocals are also in a good level.''Estate'' follows the
same vein,
the organ even evokes something from the 60's,
sounding similar to Pop/Prog acts like I POOH or
Another trombone section by the end will add some
grandiosity to the track.Don't expect things to change
with ''Autunno''.
Organ is again the leading instrument but there are also
some synths and guitars on the forefront as well,
all delivering some nice solos here and there and
alternating finely with vocal sections in a decent modern
Psych/Prog parade.
''Inverno'' sounds a lot like METAMORFOSI,Enzo Muzi
performs in a Classical vein this time with dynamic guitars
around before the long middle break leads to the vocal-based
ending section with synths surrounding.

''Le quattro stagioni'' follows the lines of 70's Italian Prog with
a fair dose discipline.Good arrangements, good vocals, good production.
Recommended for lovers of organ-driven Prog and even for
fans out of Italian Prog knowledge.


released February 24, 2000


Sergio Muzi
chitarre, vocals, percussion

Enzo Muzi
keyboards, piano, trombone

Dario Di Censi
batteria, percussion

Giorgio Brugnone
bass, mixing



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