LA MASCHERA DI CERA La Maschera di Cera

by Mellow Records MMP428



La MASCHERA DI CERA (The Wax Mask) are a
new Italian five piece band who definitely play
a vintage 70's replica with total originality and
deep musicianship.
Hate to overuse this expression, but here it goes.

This is a total masterpiece IMHO.
La MASCHERA DI CERA blend powerful vocals,
piano, mellotron, organ, moog,
'clavicembalo'-VCS 3 synths, flute, bass/acoustic
guitar and drums and create some of the best
sounds I have heard out of Italy for a long time.

The first side is a magnificent 20 mins epic track
which carries the "Attack-Decay" style of Sweeden's
ANGLAGARD with the symphonic beauty of classic
PFM and jazz elements of ECHOLYN.. totally
unpredictable and totally creative song writing.

The second side is 3 tracks which continue right
where side one left off..

Musically these guys play some pretty sophisticated
and deep music with tons of vintage keyboards,
flute and guitar dominating.
I must also tell you that the drummer is very good
and so too are the bass and guitarist.
Hard to exactly peg this album in terms of comparison
but I would say musically a dead mix of STANDARTE,

Overall a fantastic album and one of those albums
that after you hear you will not be able to put down.

Review by loserboy


released April 4, 2002

Fabio Zuffanti: bass, acoustic guitar
Marco Cavani: drums, timpani, percussion and compressor
Alessandro Corvaglia: voice
Andrea Monetti: flute
Agostino Macor: mellotron, piano, prepared piano, organ, moog, harpsichord, VCS 3

Nadia Girardi: voice on "Del mio abisso e del vuoto"

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