LA MASCHERA DI CERA Il Grande Labirinto

by Mellow Records MMP443



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Every song on this album is of the highest calibure.
This release pushes all the right buttons for me.
Lots of mellotron and flute, great Italian vocals,
and the songs are filled with many mood shifts
and time changes.
What a musical journey this record is.
Of Fabio's many projects this one is my favourite.

"Il Viaggio Nell'Oceano Capovolto Parte 1" is chaotic
to open but it settles quickly.
Fragile vocals come in followed by organ.
Piano tinkles away and then it kicks in around 2 minutes
but settles again quickly.
These contrasts continue.
Flute before 4 minutes.
It's chaotic again after 5 minutes as sounds build.
So cool ! A dead calm before 6 minutes then vocals
come in as it starts to build again.
Mellotron before 7 minutes followed by guitar.
Flute's back and passionate vocals.
Amazing song ! Check out the organ solo and
the mellotron that follows.

"Il Grande Labirinto" has this good heavy sound
with flute, bass, drums and organ.
It settles and vocals come in around a minute.
Piano before 2 minutes followed by passionate vocals.
Great sound before 5 minutes and mellotron joins in.
A calm with vocals after 6 minutes.
Piano and a powerful soundscape 7 1/2 minutes in.
A calm again a minute later. This is dark right to the end.

"Il Canto Dell'Inverno" opens with piano melodies
galore until mellotron comes in after a minute.
A solemn mood after 2 minutes and it's spacey
to end it.

"Ai Confini Del Mondo" features lots of organ
and flute early.
A calm 2 minutes in followed by voclas.
A nice heavy sound a minute later.
Love the vocals and the mellotron is so uplifting
after 6 minutes.
A change 7 1/2 minutes in as piano then flute
take over.
Vocals are back before 11 minutes.

"Il Viaggio Nell'Oceano Capovolto Parte 2"
is the 22 1/2 minute closer.
Water sounds and birds greet us as gentle
guitar and flute come in.
Vocals and mellotron join in as well.
A fuller sound after 3 1/2 minutes.
A calm before 7 1/2 minutes and before 10 minutes.
It starts to build with flute and drums and then kicks
in before 13 minutes.
It settles with organ, mellotron and piano
before 15 minutes.
Vocals follow.
Another calm before 17 minutes with oboe.
Drums join in. Mellotron 20 1/2 minutes
in and flute follows.

Those incredible Italian vocals combined
with that vintage seventies sound is just priceless.
Hey the mellotron doesn't hurt either.

Review by Mellotron Storm


released September 7, 2003

- Alessandro Corvaglia: voices
- Agostino Macor: keyboards, guitars
- Andrea Monetti: flutes
- Fabio Zuffanti: bass, bass pedals, guitars
- Marco Cavani: drums

- Nick Le Rose: guitars
- Antonella Trovato: oboe
- Nani Tudor: flessibile
- Crescendo Amodio: martello pneumatico
- Robbo Vigo: protools, sounds

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