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1978 - Mellow Records reissue: 1994


This is to my ears an enjoyable album that any jazz fusion
follower would love, another great non- symphonic Italian
band, some of those hidden gems that come from this
country, but first of all i want to thank to a friend of mine
who is also a member here, Jesus (cucacola54) because
he introduced me to this band last year when i went to his
city to a concert, i asked him for some recommendations
and he rightly talked me about Il Baricentro.

Recently when i also discovered Festa Mobile,
I knew that Il Baricentro was a band formed after
the dead of the Festa Mobile project, Francesco
and Vanni Bocuzzi along with Toni Napolitano were
members of it, but contrary to the symphonic oriented
style that Festa Mobile offered, this new band created
instrumental progressive rock totally oriented to
the jazz fusion side of it, the band first released Sconcerto
which to be honest i have not listened yet, and in 1978
they made Trusciant which is what i will review in a second,
sadly, Il Baricentro was only one of those italian bands
that disbanded after one or two albums when they really
had a potential to create more music, anyway they left
this gem and i am happy to listen to it.

Trusciant is a 7-song album where there are no weak
moments at all, on the other hand, there are moments
that could be described as flawless, the album is short
indeed, one or two more songs wouldn`t have done any
harm, but when the music is as great as this, the lenght
is the less important.

Karwan is a great opener, it has a sensational feeling
that makes me be happy when i listen to it and actually
move my body with the rythm of the song, the keyboards
are very nice played and the drumming has that obvious
jazz and funky style.
Trusciant is very different from the previous one, while
at yhe beginning we have a delicate piano work,
then it turns into some funeral drumming and good
keyboard playing, the second part of the song has
the more obvious jazz flavour, then it fades out with
some piano notes.
Falo is a manific track that i like a lot due to its (again)
happy feeling, this time we listen to some percussion
that reminds me to some latinamerican music,
the bass playing is very nice and then it has
some good guitar riffs.
Akua is a very soft track, I wouldn`t say this is an example
of progressive rock, but it fits corectly with the
album`s essence, this track is very melodic and
well structured, nice keyboards and bass.
Flox is another excellent track, its impossible not to think
about Weather Report when listening to it, of course
if you already know them, the Weather Report feeling
is really clear in this song.
Font`Amara a 7-minute song which of course is
the longest song of the album and believe me
it is delightful, really enjoyable and you can notice
the quality of the musicians here, the best track of
the album without hesitation.
Vivo is the last but not least track, a nice closer whose
first piano part reminds me a bit to some Wakeman`s works,
then the song turns completely into a jazzy one,
just like the way the band used to play.

A short but great jazz fusion album from a very nice and
not typical italian prog band of the seventies, I invite
everyone to listen to them, and actually I am a bit worried
to see this album has only one review written 3 years ago!!!
Excellent album without a doubt, recommendable
to any prog lover, 4/5 stars my final grade!

Enjoy it!

Review by memowakeman
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator



released June 12, 1994


Francesco Boccuzzi
electric & acoustic keyboards, electric & acoustic guitar

Luis Agudo
berimbau, cuica, agogo, African percussion

Max Rocci

Piero Mangini

Tonio Napoletano

Vanni Boccuzzi
electric & acoustic keyboards



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