GREENWALL il petalo del fiore e altre storie

by Mellow Records MMP362



Greenwall started as a one-man project in Rome in 1999
by keyboardist/singer Andrea Pavoni.
He composed music since his young years at school and
actually the material featured in his first album was ready
since 1989 with only some help from friends on bass,
guitars and voices.
Mauro Moroni from Mellow Records heard this demo tape
some 10 years later and decided to publish the album as
it was with a couple of new compositions by Pavoni.
''Il petalo del fiore e altre storie'' starts with
''I Bimbi e il Burrone''.
What follows is the eponymous 34-min. suite divided
in two parts.
The first one is great keyboard-driven Symphonic Rock
in the vein of SITHONIA with evident RICK WAKEMAN
and E.L.P. influences.
Excellent church organ,careful use of synths and fantastic
piano with some good breaks throughout will create
ethereal melodies all the way.
The second part is more diverse,it will open with some
mandolin before organ,synths and electric guitars take
over into a very bombastic and complex mood.
Towards the end Pavoni flirts with Symphonic
New Age music,atmospheric synths with Classical
tendency will carry the listener to the romantic
vocal-based outro.
''Il petalo del fiore e altre storie'' is definitely a well
arranged and performed modern prog suite.
''Nonno'' belongs to Pavoni's newer material, this time
the dreamy flute-driven start will leave its place to
Pavoni's piano, the composition is again at a very
good level.
''Le Stanze'' is a surprise due to the strong use of
electric guitars, and when melody takes over things
are going in a much better way.
The last so-called hidden track is a new version of
the album's opener and this time
''I Bimbi e il Burrone'' sounds good.
With excellent female vocals by Tiziana Brasile,
a slower tempo and the synths being by replaced
by Pavoni's piano,the track ends up to be a ballad.


released April 28, 1999


Andrea Pavoni
keyboards, piano, acoustic drums, lead and backing vocals, programming

Cristiana D'Amico
sampled voice

Fabio Nani
bass guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals

Fabrizio Sagoni
acoustic and electric guitar

Giorgia Facioni
female voice

Tiziana Brasile
lead vocals on "hidden track"



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