FIABA XII L'appiccato

by Mellow Records MMP204



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The first disc of FIABA dates back in 1994.
The original cover of "XII L'appiccato", with the same name
Major Arcana of the Tarot, is undoubtedly the inspiration matrix, characterized by a bare simplicity, a black and white which
stands out only the name of the band, well exemplifies
the sound of this debut album, marked by found researched,
but very far from the baroque heaviness that are the trademark
of many progressive groups.

"Il richiamo dello stagno" is the vibrant opening of the disc,
a track bouncing and vivacious, a brief introduction that
catapults us straight into the disc live with
"C'è un posto nel bosco", a track that clarification on the
spot what is the sound of fairy tale: clean vocals on a
melodic base that alternates fast and pumping moments
to other more reflective and content.
Acting as master is the voice of Brancato and guitars, that run, challenge each overlapping and move away from each other,
in a kind of instrumental ballet.
The popular dance rhythm of the introduction of
"Il signore dei topi" soon leaves space to a lilting song,
beautiful rhythmic base bottom and the cheerful riff.
Darker "Lo spaventapasseri", abandons the previous
charts and slides towards a more dark, formally similar
to previous songs, but more ominous, slow and obsessive
"Viene l'angelo" is a dirge.
Opening massive characterizes
"Il fauno bevve l'acqua della sorgente", perfect opening
words to a song that continues to tap into the ear of the
listener decided, maybe a little 'repetitive in, but certainly
pleasant structure.
The album's centerpiece is the long "I sogni di Marzia",
suites of almost fifteen minutes, characterized by a
remarkable pluristilismo: a slow crescendo that, starting
from an opening slow and nagging, results in an explosion
sound determined, an epic.
The music perfectly accompanies the narration, slowing
down and speeding up when necessary, Brancato is best
expressed in this passage, ranging with the voice choirs
from full-bodied to malicious verses of gnomes; also the
guitars of Catena and Bonfiglio often change their
characterization, with soft initial arpeggios to distorted
sounds that pile up before the slow, dreamy conclusion.
In a song so long, everyone has the opportunity to show
their talents; the group mind, Ruby, admirably administers
its role as a drummer, beating the time without sbafi and
without abusing their colleagues; Also the low Capodieci
lavishes interesting and not at all trivial riff, flavoring and
enriching the musical phrasing of other musicians.


released March 24, 1994

Antonio Arcidiacono La Ferla
guitar, background vocals

Bruno Rubino
drums, background vocals

Cosimo Tranchino
bass, background vocals

Giuseppe Brancato

Salvatore Salice



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