ENZO CAPUANO Storia mai scritta

by Mellow Records MMP286



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1975 - Mellow Records reissue: 1996

Enzo Capuano was born in Catanzaro, Calabria, in 1947.
The family moved to Bologna where Enzo was raised.
After studying Chemistry at University, he began a singing
career in Milan and also worked as an actor.
He collaborated on his keyboardist Mario Panseri's 1973
album titled "Adolescenza."
After the release of his own quality progressive effort
"Storia Mai Scritta" in 1975 on the Divergo label,
Capuano did some soundtrack work for films and even
cartoons before returning to the study of music at the
Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan.
He graduated with degrees in electronic music and vocal
studies but continued work on his singing technique.
In the later '80s he gave up his Chemistry career to pursue
singing Opera and has been very successful.
He has performed all over Europe in the great Opera houses
and sings in the bass range.

Enzo told me "Talking about my production, I always thought
that STORIA MAI SCRITTA is still modern, still a suite of
feelings and state of soul of these days."
He also told me that he had little studio time and budget
to complete his album and knowing this makes the results
of "Storia mai scritta" all the more impressive.

[Jim Russell / Finnforest]

Initially transparent and one-dimensional, "Storia Mai Scritta"
is really a folk suite disguised as prog and a definite grower.
The seemingly simple and mostly instrumental arrangements contradict the sheer depth and amount of creativity artist
Enzo Capuano pours into it; while only the first and last tracks
feature lyrical content, the album as a whole tells a story
musically and speaks volumes through its sparseness rather
than its orchestration.
Limited instrumentation is used to accomplish this task,
with only Capuano's 12-string guitar, a drumset, and
various synths at the helm.
Piano player Mario Panseri, for whom Enzo Capuano
had previously contributed guitar on 1972's "Adolescenza",
returns the favor here and does so in a tasteful fashion.
Though Panseri was classically trained and a competent
composer in his own right, his performance is restrained
compared to similar synth-heavy albums
(Luciano Basso's Voci, for example).
Though you won't find any Mellotron or Eminent, the synths,
organ and piano are used to create a dreamy atmosphere
only accentuated by sparse percussion effects and
arpeggiated guitar.
And while Storia Mai Scritta has a fairly average length
of 38 minutes, its running time flies by and the album is
over before you know it.
A truly great album always leaves you wanting more,
and this one does just that. "Essential" and "Masterpiece"
are not quite terms I would use to describe it, but
Enzo Capuano's lone foray into the world of Rock
Progressivo Italiano is an easy four- star recommendation.

from review by coasterzombie on progarchives.com


released April 13, 1996


Enzo Capuano
vocals, acoustic guitars, synths

Giovanni D'Aquila

Mario Panseri
piano, organ, synths, archi elettronici



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