CAPITOLO 6 Frutti per Kagua

by Mellow Records MMP257



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1972 - Mellow Records reissue: 1994

Italian group formed in the early 70s in the region of Tuscany.

The band had its peak in 1971 when they signed with the Italian subsidiary of RCA Records to release an album that was finished only after some time. Also in that year, the band played in festivals
in their hometown, Viareggio and still came to opening for
Led Zeppelin in Rome for thousands of people.

The band managed to maintain an essential quality in relation
to the technique of their musicians with perfect vocal harmony.

The record is composed of only five but fabulous tracks,
being the first a true gem worthy of what we know as
Italian Progressive Rock.

The track of almost 19 minutes, gives its name to the record
and is conducted with extreme perfection with beautiful flute passages throughout its course.
At times it is noticed a distinct similarity to the style
of Ian Anderson playing his lead instrument but not forgetting
the soft touch that only the Italian Progressive Rock can offer
to the most discerning ears.

The second part of the album is composed of smaller tracks
with very expressive vocals, giving more emphasis on
the passages of acustic and electric guitars, mingling
the tender Moog solos followed by a shy, but beautiful
Hammond Organ sound.


released April 21, 1994


- Riccardo Bartolotti: vocals, guitar, flute
- Antonio Favilla: keyboards
- Maurizio Romani: bass
- Lorenzo Donati: drums, vocals



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