ASTRALIA Connected

by Mellow Records MMP374

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ASTRALIA are a band from Italy and this is their first record,
a concept album about an old sage named Rabin who
travels to this planet called Astralia.
The songs deal with different subjects as Rabin journeys
through this beautiful world with it's special music.
The band compare their music to RUSH, QUEENSRYCHE
and KING CRIMSON on their web-site.
"Connected" is the only instrumental track.
It opens with some sampling before a guitar melody
arrives and some chunky bass.
Actually the bass absolutely dominates the first two songs.
Amazing !
There are some blazing guitar solos that come and go on
this first song that has a spacey ending.
"Dedalo's Torment" deals with difficult father and son
The spacey atmosphere from the first song blends into
the start of this one.
Vocals and heavy bass come in. It really kicks in after
a minute. Oh,yeah !
The climate changes a lot in this song but the bass
is so prominant and the heavy passages are great.
"Signals From the Unconscious" deals with the topic
of dreams being a mind trip.
"The Conquest" is about searching for self confidence
and is the longest track.
Another spacey intro changes to a catchy beat with
pulsating keys and beautiful flute.
There is some soaring guitar and passionate vocals
as well.
Lots of spacey synths to end it.
"Genesis Doubt" opens with piano and becomes
bombastic with some fusion like guitar.
"Vagrant Thought" is all about the Nichols sounding
vocals and heavy guitar.
"Breaking the Silence" is about troubled relationships.
The metal-like intro is fantastic.
Lots of terrific organ in this one
"The Arrival-Part 1&2" opens with the sound of a party
going on before we are treated to some beautiful
acoustic guitar melodies, reserved vocals and flute.
Part 2 starts almost 5 minutes in and consists of a
lot of spacey synths..
Are really pleasant these songs, with some amazing
heavy guitar passages.
This album should not be lost and forgotten as many
other works that were not fairly promoted.
A good example of Progressive Rock music, that scans
many different music styles and ages of prog history.
Warmly recommended.


released May 10, 2000


- Stefano Borga: lead & backing vocals, flute

- Dario Andreella: keyboards, trumpet & whistle, backing vocals

- Giovanni Binato: electric & acoustic guitars

- Riccardo Lorriggiola: bass guitars & stick

- Massimo Loriggiola: drums & percussion



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