APRYL Alorconfusa

by Mellow Records MMP424



APRYL is a young Italian band which is pretty much unknown
but considering their high skill as musicians and their creativity
they would deserve to have more attention.
When I first listened to them I was thinking: "WOW what a great symphonic prog they are playing"! Of course they are inspired
a lot by 70's Prog reminding sometimes to KING CRIMSON
by their guitar style and at times to GENESIS by their keyboards
style, but without sounding at any moment like a rip-off
of these bands.

Most of the record is dominated by a rather mellow and
melancholic mood, although the opener "Hesperia" starts
a bit more up-tempo.
A very long piece with almost 15 minutes, but never getting
boring at any moment.
Fantastic guitar and keyboards and above all the awesome
vocals of Leandro Di Giovanna which are in Italian BTW.
The composition is intricate with many breaks and shifts
but all the times keeping a very pleasant and enjoyable frame.

Second all instrumental track "Ghe-pardo" is in some way
the strangest one and at my very first listening I had quite
big problems to really enjoy this one and stil it's my least
favorite one.
It sounds a bit aimless, I've to say, as an example in the
beginning they're starting to play some Genesis tunes
(I think) but then are losing themselves in complete
Towards the end of the track it seams they finally found
somehow a coherent theme.
But anyway this is a strange one and the reason for
I can't rate it with the full score.

Next one "Tarta-ruga" let me forget the previous one
immediately since it's as fascinating as the first one
but it's more dominated by a melancholic mood.
Especially the vocals emphasize a strong pastoral tone.
The balance between instrumental and vocal sections
has been just perfectly managed by the band.

Last track "Nelle Vesti di Adia" again a very long one is
as brilliant as tracks 1 and 3 and a bit more up-tempo
like the opener.
In this one they're managing to include some odd tunes
and rhythm into the composition more successfully than
in track 3.

As a SUMMARY this album is an excellent work by this very
little known young band and I think there are still even better
things to come from them.
It's a blend of harmonic and odd symphonic Prog which
has worked out almost perfectly.
All fans of 70's Prog should definitively check it out, they
won't be disappointed!

An excellent addition to any Prog collection.

Review by hdfisch
from www.progarchives.com


released March 16, 2002


Ermanno Barse
keyboards & piano

Giorgio Riodato
electric & acoustic basses

Alberto Celotto
electric guitars

Andrea Lorenzet
drums & percussion, programming

Leandro Di Giovanna



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