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1977 - Mellow Records reissue: 1993

01. The Gnome
Spacial, synthesizers like the wind, a drum almost 'dance'
(laughs) and a bass line pretty cool.
The voice of Antonio is simple and melodic.
Full of melodies on keyboards and a 'wind' that walks all
the time.
There by 3 minutes double acoustic guitars come in and
they make a very different melodie.
The theme has its heavy structure, not in the Rock sense,
but in the dark one.
A long instrumental part that mentions both Disco Music
and gothic rock, interesting mix.

02. Necromancer
The Italian Progressive scene has a basic feature,
the voice, many times in the Italian bands vocal like
this initial were used.
A narrative, usually in melancholy, sad or sorry.
After this short introduction, the keyboard is in charge,
many syncopations with strategic stops and relied on
a guitar too.
From that point on is almost a free-jazz primed, a solo
piano and keyboards throughout, and then still have the
guitar soloing too, in a tone almost clean, actually two guitars.
Until the end is what is heard, with a line of bass and drums
holding all the music.
Highlight for Doris Norton and her keyboards.

03. Spiritualist Seance
Once again the madness reigns, here comes the bad bit,
and the narrative voice, footsteps and sounds of (which I
imagine to be) a castle.
What follows is the organ melody more beautiful than I've
ever seen, worthy of appearing in any movie about religion
(though ... oh never mind).
A melodic sequence more than magic Doris built a beautiful
epic theme.
Close to 6 minutes and half a calling female embodies
another character, leaving the track with a climate even heavier.
As if the people claiming rights on the street, more vocals
join the original voice.

04. Zora
This time we have a 'conventional' progressive with
different time, elaborate melodies, and lots of crashing.
After the introduction of an almost typical Italian voice,
those melodic and beautiful. The melody that follows is pretty,
guitar a fingering, the keyboard always present, and an
interesting bass line.
At the end the voice became active in their opening melody
full of effects.
This would be the end of the (short) drive a melody more
progressive again (with the excellent drum of Albert Goodman)
but this version has an extra sound.

05. Morte Al Potere
This way the guitar handle a wide range of soils and with
a female vocal.
The theme is unclear how the rest of the album, with
accessible melodies, but always fallen for the melancholy
or dark theme.
The keyboards are organs like, which are perfect pro climate
they needed.
Grim! And crazy to the end! (Especially at the end).

Review by ProgShine


JACULA Tardo Pede In Magian Versus (1972)

JACULA Anno Demoni (1979)

ANTONIUS REX Ralefun (1979)


released September 23, 1993

Antonio Bartoccetti
guitar, vocals

Doris Norton
keyboards, vocals

Albert Goodman



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